How Fit Is Your Organization?
For organizations striving for brilliant Customer Success Management performance.
What Is a Customer Success Health Check?
Just like your yearly physical, a customer success health check is an assessment of your organization’s fitness…how well are your functions functioning? Are your information arteries flowing well or starting to harden? What is the cause of that dull pain you feel during on-boarding?

Properly implemented, the findings from a health check minimize the risk of serious illness, reinforce good habits, and suggest actions that prevent disease and lead to the optimal health of your CS organization.

We have lots of smart, experienced people, why can’t we do our own health check?

Of course you can draw your own blood, prod and poke to see where it hurts, and then guess at the most appropriate diet, exercise, and vitamins to buy.

However, even top athletes get physicals, have fitness trainers, and get performance coaching. Furthermore, assuming you are serious about health, how many of your people are willing to look you in the eye and say that you are getting fat, balding, and your memory is fading?
Customer Success Health Check
Our Customer Success Health Check helps your organization make the best decisions based upon solid information, deep expertise, and a proven decision-making framework. By having a realistic understanding of your “health,” you greatly improve the probability of making the best strategic decisions in your customer success quest. A quality health check will answer these questions:
  • How healthy is your customer success business compared to best practices and industry standards?
  • Where are the critical pain points?
  • Where should you focus your efforts to gain maximum fitness?
Brilliant Customer Success Management Performance Chain
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Source: Alexander, James. 2015. “Creating the Brilliant Customer Experience – Part One: The Brilliant Performance Chain.”
How It Works
The Brilliant Customer Success Performance Chain is the model used to compare and contrast where you are today against top-performing CS organizations. Upon mutual agreement, our senior consultants will investigate from one to five of the links of the chain: Leadership, Performance Systems, Touchpoint Management, Customer Impact, and Business Results.

Facts and assumptions will be reviewed against industry standards and best practices. Candid findings will be shared, and options will be outlined with specific recommendations made (we recommend this occur in a one-half-day, face-to-face session).

There are three health check levels of concentration.

Level One: Fast and Easy (Depending upon the breadth and depth agreed upon, this health check could be completed within 30 days)

A cross-section of executives, managers, and professionals within your organization will be asked to contribute their thinking, plus provide documentation outlining past actions and future ambitions, along with current plans and results relevant to CSM.

Level Two: Deeper and Wider
Building upon the actions of Level One, a Level Two health check investigates all five links internally, plus adds actual customer input to confirm assumptions, increase both validity and reliability, and strengthen the case for change.

Level Three: The Whole Shebang
This level adds competitive analysis and/or field observation of your frontline people in action to the findings of Level Two. If high risk is an issue, this is the option of choice.

Whatever health check you choose, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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