Speeding and Smoothing Your Customer Success Initiative
Looking for a way to “unleash” the power of customer success in your organization? Be the Big Customer Success Dog in your marketplace!
In this highly interactive, one- to three-day workshop you and your team will learn the ins and outs of implementing customer success as a business strategy to get and grow more customers. You will leave this session:

  • With a deeper understanding of the key issues, opportunities, and appropriate actions required to effectively and efficiently implement a customer success strategy.
  • With an understanding of the potholes to performance that will slow or stop your initiative without proper planning and preparation.
  • With expert opinions that can help speed and smooth your journey.
  • Having demonstrated due diligence by calibrating your plans with the input of customer success experts.
  • With the ability to improve the performance of your key people by collaborating with them on identifying issues and opportunities, discussing options, and making decisions.
Brilliant Customer Success Management Performance Chain
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Source: Alexander, James. 2015. “Creating the Brilliant Customer Experience – Part One: The Brilliant Performance Chain.”
Some of the key concepts from the workshop include:
  • Defining workable definitions of customer success and related terms.
  • How to use the Brilliant Performance Chain to assess your current CS performance and guide future actions to improve:

1. Leadership
  • How supportive is your culture toward CS? How can you influence it?
  • Is your blueprint complete? What can you do to make it compelling?

2. Performance Systems
  • Are your marketing, sales, and services organizations providing the appropriate information and tools to your frontline personnel?
  • Is your technology providing your frontline personnel with the right information at the right time, right place, in the right format?

3. Touchpoint Management
  • How well do the capabilities of your frontline people align with the five requirements?
  • Are there appropriate measures, tasks, and ownership of your frontline personnel to align moments of truth with each of the six customer decision steps?

4. Customer Impact
  • Do you have the tools and processes in place to define customer success for the key players within your key accounts?
  • How well does your organization understand, track, and measure customer experiences?

5. Business Results
  • How well do you measure the business results of your CS organization throughout the customer’s experience with you?
  • How well are the CS business results communicated to senior management?
The 5 Required Capabilities of a Customer Success Team
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Source: Alexander, James. 2016. Customer Success: Managing the Customer Experience for Loyalty and Profit. Alexander Consulting and Service Strategies.
Other important topics discussed with the five areas above include:
  • Why everyone is responsible for delivering brilliant customer experiences that contribute to customer success.
  • The seven things your customers need, expect, and deserve.
  • Smashing Silos: Getting Marketing, Sales, and Service to work as a well-oiled customer success machine.
  • Establishing the meaningful metrics that matter most.
  • Calibrating your appropriate CX/CS effort by segmenting your customers.
  • The pivotal pitfalls that prevent performance, and ways to avoid them.
  • Leveraging CS to notch up the notoriety of you and your team.
  • The need for speed—why on-boarding starts hour one of day one.
  • How to get the Big Dogs (your execs) off the porch.
  • Core customer success practices and benchmarks.
  • Understanding touchpoint management.
Customer Success Touchpoint Management
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  • The workshop is tailored to the issues and needs of the client, emphasizing topics of most importance and minimizing topics not considered critical.
  • Another useful application of this workshop is for organizations trying to decide if pursuing customer success is right for their business. The workshop outlines what it takes and provides the framework to understand if the organization is willing and able to make this important step.
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